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Enjoy your stay at our Bequia rental - The Nest

Enjoy your stay at our Bequia rental – The Nest

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Elen Schwartz will be happy to handle your reservation just call  (784) 458-3667 or email:


We look forward to welcoming you

If you’re a visitor returning to Bequia then you already know about the natural beauty and tropical charm of  our lovely island. If you’re planning your first trip to the island, rest assured you’ll quickly fall in the love with Bequia as well!

We’re committed to providing the very best Bequia rentals for your holiday. The Nest offers spacious tropical accommodation in a relaxing setting while still be close to the beaches and activities.

Bequia rentals come in all sizes and prices. The Nest,  with 1 king-sized bed and 1queen-sized futon couch, is the perfect accommodation for an intimate getaway, a small group of friends or a small family.

Please contact us at with any questions you may have.